The Importance of Getting Screened!

I wanted share a snippet from my chapter in StrongFigure’s, Total Health and Fitness Makeover, ebook. It is a great resource for wanting to start your fitness journey, get in better shape and improve your quality of life. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced fitness enthusiast looking for guidance in the pursuance of your goals, this ebook is for you. Here is small section of the chapter:

“The purpose of a screen is identify a problem and to determine if it is suitable for one to participate in an activity.  For example, when you go to your medical doctor one of the first things they do is take your blood pressure.  They are “screening” for a problem.  If a problem exists then an intervention takes place or advanced testing is done to determine the cause for the problem.  One of the main reasons why people fail at becoming healthier and/or fitter is because they get injured.  A screen can set a “baseline of movement”.  The good news is most individuals can recover and get back on track.  Clinically speaking, as a Chiropractor and Rehabilitation Specialist, I have seen this quite often in my practice.  Individuals have been able to recover through means of treatment, corrective exercises and dynamic warm-up/movement prep strategies.  In order to figure which was best for each of these, it all started with a screen, followed by advanced testing.  With this being said, when choosing your new health and fitness journey, whether on your own, at a gym or with a personal trainer, get screened!”

Here is an example of how a screen can reveal a problem. If we look at the Functional Movement Screen for Shoulder Mobility, which tests for someone’s range of motion, scapular mechanics, upper-back function, pain and more, we could see some deficiencies. We would like to see the fists closer together than pictured. One cause for this could be a lack of thoracic extension or rotation. We would want to investigate further to see if it is a mobility or stability problem. Also, we would want to make sure we don’t just look at the shoulder or upper-back to make sure we don’t forget the other influences on the kinetic chain.


So, do you want to get screened and reach your full potential? You’re in luck, because this great service is provided by yours truly. Want more information then check out this easy-to-read infographic!

If you need more info or want to find a local provider then check out the FMS website.

Yours in Health,

Dr. G