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We have 29 Days until 2017, you heard me – 29 DAYS!

If you are thinking about making a resolution starting January 1st, let’s get a jump on it in December.  Many people have the resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, be healthier, lose the beer belly or baby fat.  Some people have the breaking bad habits, be more faithful to/in whatever aspect of life or start a new career resolutions.  No matter what your resolution is, I guarantee it will be an easier, smoother transition if you start it before the holidays.  The holidays bring good things like joy, happiness and great food, but can also bring bad things such as, guilt, grief, stress and depression. To combat the bad, let’s bring on a LOT of GOOD this December!

I invite you to join me on a journey of making yourself into a better version of YOU.  Let’s have the dedication to improve ourselves in all aspects  of our life.  The dedication to improve mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally is upon us, you just have to take it!

I’d like you to join my Facebook group – DEDICATION DECEMBER.  I’ll be sharing articles, videos, workouts, recipes each day, but am encouraging everyone to join in on the sharing.



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I decided to kick off my dedication by doing a quick workout at home.  Took me around 30 minutes to complete.

Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes – starting at 10 KB Swings, add one KB Swing each minute working up to 21 on the 12th minute. Then rest 2 minutes and then complete as many pushups as you can in 2 minutes.

Afterwards, I worked on some mobility to aid in recovery. **10 reps, on each side**

I then ended with some stability work.  **10 reps, on each side**

**Always save your core work until the end of your workout. You don’t want to fatigue your support system**

Please share and post how you did in the comments.  Questions also welcomed in the comment section.  Let’s get the ball rolling towards 2017!


Yours in Health,

Dr. G

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