Your Recovery Guide for 17.2

I think everyone can agree how much 17.2 taxed their grip first, shoulders second and glutes third.  If you weren’t feeling it in your glutes then you were doing your lunges wrong or they have permanent amnesia from you sitting a desk job 8 hours a day!  After this workout I’m going to recommended some mobility for the wrist, elbow and shoulder along with some stability glute and core exercises.

Mobility drills  

Wrist Extension- 10 reps each side, 2x/day

Wait Elbow Flexion- 10 reps each side, 2x/day

Behind the Back Shoulder Internal Rotation- 10 reps each side, 2x/day

Stability Exercises

Single Leg Hip Lift- 10 reps each side, 2x/day

Mini Get Up- 10 reps each side, 2x/day


As always nutrition is vital so check out my 17.1 post for guidance in this arena.  Also mentioned in that post was my go-to product Phuel 5.0 for post-workout aches/pains/soreness.  This product can also be used pre-workout to ease muscle tension, increase circulation & oxygen and as an antibacterial.  I applied it on my shoulders, neck and forearms prior to the workout and felt pretty good afterwards, all things considered as toes to bar and muscle-ups are not strong movements for me.

There are of course treatment options available to aide in your recovery and/or help you heal up.  Chiropractic care, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Kinesiotaping and Active Release Techniques are solid options along with Massage Therapy. **I do have a new Massage Therapist in my office, check her out here**

In closing, congratulations on making it through week 2.  Two workouts down, three to go!  Try these exercises, rest and heal up, get treatment if needed and feed you body to fuel up for 17.3!

Yours in Health,

Dr. G