Your Recovery Guide for 17.4

Another workout down and only one more to go!  I’m back again with your latest recovery guide.

17.4 was a repeat of 16.4:

13 minute AMRAP

55 Deadlifts

55 Wall Balls

55 Calorie Row

55 Hand Stand Pushups


This is a highly metabolic, demanding workout.  Some call it brutal and curse “The Dave Castro”!  Ultimately for those who did it last year, this was a chance to test your fitness.  How were you this year as compared to last year? Are you fit? Did you take a different strategy?

A lot can happen in a year and there a many different factors.  Life events, nutrition, injuries, sleep….you name it the list goes on. Personally, I improved my score by 9 Hand Stand Pushups.  I went in with a different strategy on the deadlifts and it paid off.  I decided to stay consistent and do sets of 5, instead of blowing out and doing a big set of 15+ and sets of 10.  As a result I finished them around a minute faster, which left me not as fatigued in my legs so that I could do a big set of wall balls.  I broke my wall balls up into sets of 30, 15 and 10.  I stayed consistent on the rower leaving me with 3 minutes on the clock for the pushups, a movement I’m not very proficient at (checkout my blog Neck Pain and Handstand Pushups). I did sets of 10, 5 and 3.  The only one I failed was my last one, which would have given me 19.  This is a big improvement as I think I failed around 10 last year.  This was my goal going into 17.4: BE CONSISTENT!

As per my last 3 posts about the open here is your recovery guide for 17.4:

1.) Nutrition: checkout the blog about 17.1

2.) Mobility work

Heal up the lower back from all of the loaded flexion during the deadlifts, wall balls and rowing

Improve your ankle dorsiflexion to help you get your heels above the line

3.) Stability Drills

Load through the shoulders and hips as you rock back maintaining a neutral spine and neck

Train the hip hinge – should feel this working the glutes and quads

4.) Recommended Treatment options:

Chiropractic Care

Deep Tissue Laser and Taping

Active Release Techniques

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) with RockBlades

5.) Go for a moderately paced recovery run, bike ride or swim.

6.) Do some yoga

7.) Scale back on your workouts this week, both weight and intensity.

8.) Take a rest day and listen to your body!

9.) Try some meditation

10.) Remember to have fun and that there is one workout to go!!


Hope you enjoy this latest CrossFit Open recovery edition.  Please share with others!


Yours in Health,

Dr. G