Your Recovery Guide for 17.5

Move better, Feel Better, Function Better, Live better

The 2017 CrossFit Open is in the books!

It was a grueling 5 weeks that tested everything you had both physically and mentally….let’s throw in a third – emotionally.  For many it was your first Open and others you got to put your fitness to the test with a repeat in 17.4 from last year.  Individuals who have done it before can also look at how they progressed and compare by state, region and worldwide.  This is what makes it fun.  Odds are the vast majority of us will never make it to the CrossFit Games, but we all love a great competition and that’s what these last 5 weeks have been!

Here is your latest recovery guide, enjoy!

Recovery – Nutrition

1.) Check out 17.1’s guide

2.) Enjoy a cheat meal.  You deserve it!

Recovery – Mobility

Push your abdomen into your hand and rotate between your shoulder blades, exhaling as you turn your head.


Place a band in the front of your ankle and lunge forward


Recovery – Stability

Rock back towards your heel maintaining your front foot on the ground, especially your big toe.

Push your belly button out, expand your lower rib cage, keep your lower rib cage down and lower back into the floor, ie. abdominal brace, as you reach your arms overhead

Recovery – Treatment

1.) Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

2.) Massage Therapy

3.) Deep Tissue Laser Therapy


Along with these tips consider going for a run, bike, hike or swim to clear your mind and do something different.  Getting outside and enjoying nature can be very therapeutic.  Thanks for keeping up with the Recovery Guide’s this CrossFit Open.  I appreciate all of the positive feedback I’ve gotten from them.  I look forward to doing this again next year.  Take care everyone!

Yours in Health,

Dr. G


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