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  • Function 4 Life Workshop at UFIT on April 16.
  • Oh Baby Expo on April 24 from 1-4pm. I will be speaking & doing a demo titled, “Baby Got Back…To Exercise”
  • Function 4 Life Workshop at Rocktown Crossfit on May 14.
  • Running Workshop at Blue Stone Bike & Run on June 11.
  • Presented at Sentara RMH’s 3rd Annual Sports Medicine Conference on July 30. Lecture title: Common Weightlifting Injuries: How to Prevent and Manage Them.

SRMH 3rd Annual Conference

  • Spoke to the faculty and staff of Bridgewater College about self-care strategies for posture-related aches/pains commonly seen in the workplace on September 13.
  • Spoke to the Athletic Training Students of Bridgewater College on Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction on September 19.
  • Function 4 Life Workshop at CrossFit Staunton on Saturday October 8, 2016.



June 4: Recertification of ART to remain an Elite Provider

April 2-3, Prenatal Nutrition through Baby Nutrition 1.5 years, June 25-26, Conception, Infertility and Interdisciplinary Treatments. July 16-17, Pregnancy, Manual Care, Taping and Adjustments, Childbirth; Range of Normal Delivery, which are all a part of a series titled, The Women’s Health Series: The Reproductive Window.  The next one is August 13-14, Post-partum(The 4th Trimester), Initiating Breastfeeding, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction(Part A).

Here is more information about the series:

This interdisciplinary series will cover the following topics concerning the female body: Pre-conception, Nutrition, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Pelvic Floor, Breastfeeding/Neonate Issues, Post-partum, Pain (Chronic, Afferent and Special Cases) and Return to Fitness.  Courses will address examination, diagnosis and treatment options from numerous fields.  Laboratory testing will be covered in detail. Some courses will be hands-on with manual/physical therapy approach.  Extensive information will be covered with the expectation that the attendee will be fully aware of the treatment needs and options during this physiological window in a woman’s life.  Resources will be given to aid with patient education.  Topics in these weekend courses are beyond what is covered in basic university curricula.  It is important for practitioners in the field have full working knowledge of these topics, whether it will be to treat their own patients or refer appropriately and within a timely manner.
Here are the objectives:
  • be able to address the needs of a female patient regarding their preconception health status
  • be able to aid in correcting their health status or refer them for appropriate fertility care
  • be able to provide MSK, nutritional, emotional care for pregnant patients
  • be able to provide pregnant patients with information that allows them to seek their best options for their birthing needs
  • be able to assess post-partum needs (physical, social and emotional) and treat what is in the attendee’s scope and refer properly when necessary
  • be able to treat post-partum and neonate/infant MSK needs
  • know how to progress new mom from recovery thru rehab (if needed) to complete full fitness



  • Coach’s Clinic on Olympic & Power lifting for the high school athlete
  • Workshops at local Yoga and Fitness Studios
  • Workshops at local CrossFit gyms
  • Providing ART(Active Release Techniques®) at local events
  • Presentations at Cedar Stone School of Massage
  • Presenting at Sentara RMHs 3rd Annual Sports Medicine Conference
  • Attending several seminars to continue learning and enhance patient care

2015 Was a great year, here is a recap:

  • Had opportunities to demonstrate  and present strategies to improve athletic performance and reduce injuries at James Madison University and Bridgewater College
  • Worked specifically with the pitching staff of Bridgewater College in the spring, which culminated in NO LOST TIME DUE TO INJURY! The main assessment was the Functional Movement Screen™, which identified weaknesses/imbalances that were addressed with exercises and workout strategies.
  • Wrote a chapter on ways to reduce injury in StrongFigure’s upcoming Ebook, Total Health and Fitness Makeover
  • presented at Sentara RMHs 2nd Annual Sports Medicine Conference on Using the Functional Movement Screen™ to Develop Treatment/Rehabilitation Plans
  • Performed the Functional Movement Screen™ on several of the members of Rocktown CrossFit & Sports Performance
  • Presented multiple times to the students of Cedar Stone School of Massage
  • Continued my education by attending several seminars on assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to continue providing the utmost quality care to my patients
  • Obtained the USA Olympic Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification

You can also check out my blog post, What I learned in 2015

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