Public Demonstrations


Dr. Glazer is committed to serving the city of Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas of the Shenandoah Valley.  He addresses the need to educate the public on common conditions and ways to self-heal by lecturing at various locations.  Please contact him if you have an opportunity for him to speak somewhere.

Previous Speaking Engagements:

Shenandoah Valley Chiropractic Speaker


Function 4 Life Workshop at CrossFit Staunton – Oct 2016

Self-care strategies for posture-related aches/pains commonly seen in the workplace – spoke to the faculty and staff of Bridgewater College – Sep 2016

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction – spoke to the Athletic Training Students of Bridgewater College – Sep 2016

Common Weightlifting Injuries: How to Prevent and Manage Them – Presented at Sentara RMH’s 3rd Annual Sports Medicine Conference

SRMH 3rd Annual Conference

Running Workshop at Blue Stone Bike & Run – June 2016

Function 4 Life Workshop at Rocktown Crossfit – May 2016

Oh Baby Expo – “Baby Got Back…To Exercise” – Apr 2016

Function 4 Life Workshop at UFIT – April 2016.


Postural Assessment, Functional Screens and Corrective Exercises – Nov 2015

Treatment of Neck Pain, Tennis Elbow and Shin Splints using Active Release Techniques® – Oct 2015

Using DNS(Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) to screen for potential injury risk factors and increased performance – Sep 2015

Chiropractic 101: History, Principles and Research, Postural assessment and blending Chiropractic with Massage Therapy – Aug 2015

Using the Functional Movement Screen™ to Develop Treatment/Rehabilitation Plans

– presented at Sentara RMHs 2nd Annual Sports Medicine Conference on July 24, 2015


Preserving the Spine: A Fundamental Approach – Mar 2015, Sep 2016

Using FMS™ to Develop Treatment/Rehabilitation Plans – Feb 2015

Use of Post-Isometric-Relaxation Techniques in Practice – July 2013, Feb  2015

Developing Core Stabilization Programs for the Collegiate Swimmer – Jan 2015

The Rotator Cuff: What You Need to Know – Aug 2014

Migraines: Signs, Symptoms and Conservative Treatment – Feb 2014

Differential Diagnosis: Low Back, SI joint & Hip – Sep 2013

Sparing the Low Back Throughout Your ADLs – Jul 2012, Aug 2013

TMD: Signs, Symptoms and Conservative Treatment – May 2013

Shoulder Workshop: Anatomy, Function & Corrective Exercise – Apr 2013

Postural Analysis, Function Screens & Therapeutic Exercises – Jan 2013

Think Better, Eat Better, Move Better – Jan 2013

Nerve Entrapments Related to Posutral Distress – Nov 2012

Chiropractic: History, Principles, Research & Working in the Setting – Sep 2012

Postural Dysfunction in Today’s Society: Evidenced-Based Thoughts – Mar & May 2012

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