“I went to Dr. Glazer during my second and third trimester of pregnancy. Because of his chiropractic care, I

remained comfortable through the last day of my pregnancy. I began seeing him for some lower back discomfort

. After one visit, it was gone! I highly recommend Dr. Glazer for anyone who is expecting to prevent pregnancy aches

and pains. He is kind, professional, and knowledgeable!”

– Jen, Nurse, Student, Mother

“I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Glazer for all of his help these past several months. Following

major surgery I was in significant pain and discomfort and was discouraged that things might not improve. Thanks

to his careful analysis, skills and encouragement, he has helped me slowly, but steadily improve. Not only do I now

have less issues with scar tissue pain and related range of motion discomfort, I also have seen major improvements

in other long-standing, pre-existing conditions, as well. Thanks so much, Dr. Glazer!”

– Judy, Librarian

“Thoughtful, intelligent practitioner who has helped me tremendously.”

– Jennifer, Professor and Writer

“Intense elbow pain affected my daily life and kept me out of the gym. Dr. Glazer took time to diagnose, treat, and

give me an exercise plan to decrease and eliminate the pain. Today I was back in the gym with no pain!”

-Deb, Pastor

“Dr. Glazer takes his time figuring out a plan for you and he makes sure that he spends enough time answering any

questions you might have.”

– Carolina, Massage Therapist

“Dr. David Glazer not only gave me my shoulders back when I thought I had no chance of lifting

heavy weight again, but he corrected my lifting technique, taught me how to use my muscles

correctly, and showed me several ways to strengthen what was weak, and improve upon what I

damaged. I feel brand new after every visit, and I leave his office with confidence in what I’ve

learned, and without fear of being told that I can’t do something anymore. I’ve been able to

continue my sport while learning how to stretch, move, brace, and perform in a safer, more

efficient way. Dr. Glazer has continuously worked with me to make me a better athlete. He does

more than just “fix” his patients, he educates them too. From supplementation to kinesiotaping,

muscle and bone, his knowledge is all encompassing and his work is clearly his passion. I

couldn’t be happier with my experience.”

Stephanie, CrossFitter and CrossFit Coach

“I have suffered from chronic migraine headaches and neurological pain in my right arm for

many years. I had tried nearly every possible approach, but nothing resulted in lasting pain

reduction. Since seeing Dr. Glazer regularly, I have been able to manage my pain and reduce the

number of migraines I suffer from drastically.”

Merinda, Dentist

“I received chiropractic care from Dr. Glazer. Prior to his treatments, I had a bad case of “tennis

elbow”. One morning, I woke up and was not able to extend my arm past 90 degrees without

experiencing pain. He performed ART and Guasha on my arm, coupled with a few rehab

exercises for a couple weeks and within a month I was able to go throughout the day, extending

my arm without pain again. During this time I was also getting my weekly adjustments by Dr.

Glazer to speed up healing from within. His confidence, knowledge and skills encouraged me to

come back every time.”

Gabe, Body Builder

“I began training for my first half marathon, and, as you may assume, my body was not used to

the longer runs that come with training for 13+ miles, especially since I had never gone for more

than 3 miles at any one time.  My back and legs began to ache and would make the miles seem

so much longer, and I began to dread running.  So, halfway through training, I started to see Dr.

Dave.  The in-office and at-home exercises that Dr. Dave gave me to do helped to strengthen my

runs and made them much more bearable.  I completed my first half-marathon in October 2012

and a second in March 2013, as well as a few obstacle races and 5K’s speckled throughout the

year. With the help & guidance from Dr. Dave at Neider Chiropractic I have not had the same

nagging aches & pains that I began my training with.”

Renee, Realtor & Runner

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